Service Agreement

Your Pet is Important to us!

Your Pet is Important to us!

Matted Fur - Your pet's mat is tightly close to the skin, they often hide pre-existing condition. Shaving mats can cause or reveal injuries such as inflammations, infections, restricted movement, and blood circulation problems.

 In particular because mats on ears restrict blood flow that can cause hematomas. Removing mats can trigger sudden rush of blood to the ears. Thus bleeding can occur, typically at the tip of the ears.

Seniors - We will do our very best to complete your senior dog's groom quickly. Sometimes senior dogs needs brakes to keep them comfortable. This creates a longer total groom time. Also, grooming can be stressful for your pet at this age. We are not responsible for the injury or sudden death of your pet.

Fur Coloring - At times, color lasts up to 100 washes. We only use products that are pet friendly, however are not responsible for any skin irritation, allergic reactions, or the transfer of dye to other surfaces.

Cat Grooming - when cats are exposed to a new environment they can experience elevated stress levels. If your cat is too stressed to safely continue the grooming, all activities will stop and you will be notified. Occasionally grooming can also expose or aggravate a hidden medical problem.

Finally shaving mats or normal grooming can be dangerous since cats have thin skin that may tear even with gentle handling.

We request your permission to obtain treatment should it become necessary.

No Show - The canceling of appointments must be done 48hrs prior to your visit, failure to notify will result in an NO SHOW fee of $50 per PET - OR, a full payment for your next appointment, if services can not be rendered for any of the pets in the appointment visit, the per pet deposit fee will not be refunded! Please understand that we value our customers, and we would rather prefer that you pay in full for a new appointment, so we all can be served!

I hereby Grant permission to Mobile Pet Grooming SPA Peninsula to obtain Emergency Veterinary treatment for my pet at my expense.

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