Mobile VIP Grooming Services Peninsula

VIp Dog Grooming Peninsula

Affordable VIP Dog Grooming Services

Like in all VIP pet grooming salon, our mobile VIP dog grooming service starts with a good, well prepared nice dog bath, done according to your dog's breed, age and health conditions.


Our professional dog groomer will pamper your dog, making sure he or she enjoys every minute of it, most pets will naturally stay calm and relaxed, they will sit still during the entire session, loving their VIP dog grooming experience.

This is definitively the ultimate in mobile dog salon grooming treatment for your pet, he or she will love every minute of it, your dog will be relaxed and calm after his or her special grooming day!

The Best Grooming Service - Peninsula

Our dog groomer will at the same time take care of other tasks, that might bother your dog if done separately, like ear cleaning or anal gland expression. We do that with love and care. De-shed treatments and extra de-matting available for an extra fee

Included on all VIP Dog Grooming Services are:

Vip Dog Grooming

  • items​Shampooing every dog TWICE
  • itemsWashing the face
  • itemsBlueberry Facial
  • itemsCleaning ears
  • itemsTeeth brushing
  • itemsConditioning the coat
  • itemsTrimming and dremeling nails
  • itemsDrying and brushing
  • itemsRemoving mats if needed
  • itemsAnal gland expression

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The VIP Mobile Pet Grooming SPA Peninsula Experience


While bathing your dog we examine the skin, looking for specific needs of your dog, and ways to maximize our efforts. We wash your dog twice, once to get your dog clean of rough dirt.

Vip dog grooming

In the second wash we apply products designed to treat and condition your dog's coat and skin, while shampooing, we pay extra attention to the ears, check for wax build up or debris in the dog's ear canal.

Our dog groomer will flush the ear canal with a saline solution whenever needed to keep clear of any infection, lastly, our pet grooming person will apply a good conditioner for the coat.


Mobile Pet Grooming SPA uses organic shampoos and conditioners on all VIP dog grooming services, we use only top quality dog grooming products on all dog baths.

vip dog grooming services

If you have any special product that you would like us to use, please let us know, we try to stick to what works best for your dog and skin condition.

Our dog groomer will carefully examine your dogs coat before applying any product, he will know what is best suited to your dogs breed and hair needs condition. Administering flea treatments is charged extra.


All moisture from the coat is wicked away with forced air, when ready, we will blow dry your dog, or hand dry them depending on your dogs breed and overall needs.

vip dog grooming services

Our pet grooming person will slowly brush your pet removing all mats and tangles, our experience tell us that every dog breed likes to be brushed in a particular way.



Our dog groomer will cut and dremel your dogs nails, carefully looking for any nail injury that might cause discomfort to your dog.

Split nails will most certainly lead to infections, so special attention is gives. having your dogs nail well groomed prevents scratches and injury to you, other pets and our dog groomers.

vip dog grooming services

Our pet groomer will cut your dogs nails down, as far as safely possible, then will the rough nail edges ensuring a nice smooth finish. Your pet is in good hand with Mobile Pet Grooming SPA Peninsula!

Vip Dog Grooming Services Peninsula

( We are currently not serving East Bay, Marin!)

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