Mobile Dog Skunk-off Services Peninsula

skunk off pet grooming services Peninsula

Affordable Skunk-off Cleaning, Dogs & Cats

Dogs and cats are very curious, sometimes that may cause big problems... like an encounter with the neighborhood skunk. it will be a very smelly situation for your pet for you and your family.


Mobile Pet Grooming SPA Peninsula offers low-cost, de-skunk treatment package that will take care of the skunk-odor smell, and avoid any cross-contamination throughout your home. Please be ware that no 1 time treatment will remove all the smell - BUT MOST OF IT!

Our pet groomer professional will carefully bathe and deodorize your dog or cat, to efficiently remove the pungent skunk smell from your pet’s coat, and that can be a very lengthy process

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Professional Skunk-off for your Pets

That smelly skunk odor is a form of sulfur, that will stick to any surface and can travel quite a distance, its oily nature will adhere to any surface. making very hard to remove if left alone.

When skunk sprays that awful skunk smell permeates the air around and settle to any close surfaces, it is so powerful that it will permeate skin and your body, lasting to up to two years! It is important to know that no 1 time treatment will remove 100% of the smell - BUT MOST of IT!

Skunk-off Pet Grooming for Dogs & Cats

You can surf the net in search of easy skunk-off solutions, or save yourself some time and money and get Mobile Pet Grooming SPA to come by and do the job right.

Mobile Pet Grooming SPA uses professional strength, natural cleaner and odor remover that is proven to eliminate most of the skunk spray pungent odor from your pet.

Skunk off pet grooming services Peninsula

Our highly trained groomer will bathe your dog with deodorizing shampoos & conditioners, focusing on the sprayed area sprayed, to remove most the oily sulfur from your pet .

Plenty of warm water rinse, the drying and checking for any skunk smell, we repeat the process until we are satisfied. Be aware though, that no one time treatment will remove 100% of skunk odor - but most of it.

Skunk off pet grooming services Peninsula

Time for a skin treatment, we bathe your pet with our blend of solutions restoring the natural skin balance, again head-to-tail rinse and dry, always checking for the smell.

This a time consuming task, that will depend on hair length, coat type and body size of your pet, we finish the skunk-off process with nice and deep-coat brushing & fluffing. Now most of the smell is gone, you can hug your pet again!

Affordable dog skunk-off services

Offering affordable mobile pet grooming services to the entire Peninsula Bay Area

( We are currently not serving East Bay, Marin!)

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